Boeing 747-8i heading to London

I haven’t tried out the 747-8 on long haul flights for awhile since the fuel when heavy is confusing when you fill up to like 23 hours you only get like 10-13 hours of fuel but luckily flaps luckily flaps saves it


Boeing 747-8I

Taken off from chengdu with average weight in a 10 hours flight

I usually have to climb higher than FL320 since mountains so I had to turn into the valley

Quietly flying passing around western China Heading around the north of middle east

Later on it went well with the fuel burn and cruising nicely in FL360

Like about 3-7 hours later I entered Europe after flying pass Western Russia and entering the Scandinavian area like finland or sweden

Before I approached London I almost overslept but I woke up and descended quickly to approach before it gets packed

Too bad the ATC left when I was around 4nm and some Iberia A350 decided to line up and wait instead on immediately take off so I just go around

The approach line gets longer overtime since many big and small planes is arriving and here I am passing by LCY

Without no further delay I finally landed

We arrive after 11 hours of flying

That’s all for today I hope you like these and see you later, have a nice day


For better fuel burn, don’t cruise with flaps down, and instead use trim

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@JarrettFlies get a load of this!!!

great photos


Is the trim gonna be like about 60% or lower because I might to do more better things with the 747

the 747 should have 65-70% trim, but it gets less throughout cruise. Flaps will cause the engines to work harder unlike the trim

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Ok might try out later to see it work or something

Yesssss, I love anything and everything Air China, especially that beautiful 747-8. 😍😈


@CPT_Colorado I hope they like this

@ShaneAviation Same and it looks nice on the 747 despite me not liking the Air china livery that much

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Beautiful photos of the boeing 747-8

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Thanks! A lot

Excellent photos! Hope you had an awesome flight!

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Well I did of course If I only didn’t overslept and go around by this guy in the A350