Boeing 747-8F


Hey one can always dream, it’s gonna be epic when ever the Queen gets added…


I know FedEx doesn’t have the -8, but I can’t wait till we get a FedEx livery on a 747.


Whoa! A week later, I realize we’ve reached 30 votes! What a milestone (for me personally). While 30 votes really isn’t that much (compared to 1200+…), it’s still a big deal to me because this is my first feature request.

Thanks for voting everyone! Here’s to 40!


Wish I could vote, but I’m full D: I really want this! I think it is kinda weird that it is kinda mixed in with the 8i version.


I agree. They should be separate, like the 777-200 and the 777-200F we have. Nice picture, by the way! :)


I don’t think that it needs a seperate classification. We don’t need to make a longer airplane list. Instead, we need to add more and more liveries. B748 and B748F, B772 and B777-F, A332 and A330-F are not so different aircrafts. But An-225 is different. It deserves a new class.


You have my vote. I think there is the demand for more freighters and freighter reworks.
Would love to have this.


Thank you, @Jerseyant!



How pretty?!


Oh man. That would be a really neat livery to have in IF! Especially with an opening nose door… ;)


Ha I actually kind of forgot about this feature with the 747Fs… That’d make it event better!


It sure would! :)


Absolutely the Queen of Sky! Just like a beautiful queen and you have won my vote!


Thank you so much! I hope we get this aircraft added separately. :)


So do l :)


Cargo routes today made me think of this beauty. Would be nice to see them all nose up on the tarmac


I agree! I’ve been watching some Captain Joe videos that have made me want this plane even more…


I’ve had the same issue watching his videos on YouTube. Lol


Volga Dnepr is not operating the 747’s. They operate the Russian Antonov 124’s. As a fact Air Bridge Cargo is part of Volga Dnepr that work together. I’d wish Antonov 124 would be added in Infinite Flight some day. These Russian freighters are beautiful and the heaviest cargo planes that can carry the heaviest payload. They also relate to the Jumbo jets.


You are correct. AirBridgeCargo operates the 747-400F and the 747-8F for Volga-Dnepr. However, the planes are still in Volga’s fleet.

Also, let’s just keep in mind this is a feature request for the 747-8F and not the AN124. Thanks! 😄