Boeing 747-8F


You got my vote on this. It would be really cool to see


As much as I would love to see the B747-8F in-game individually instead of having it as a livery I think that all planes should be updated first before the launch of other new planes. Though not a bad idea!


Much needed Aircraft in IF. I support this one a lot as can be seen in my previous posts. I’ll try to spare a vote for this one maybe in the coming months 😏


Thank you all! :)


It already is in the game, it just doesn’t have its own seperate section and features. Thats what I hope they add.


That’s indeed what this request is for :)


Are you concerned with the high pitch attitude? Hopefully if they rework the 748 they’ll address it. It’s the same problem as the 787…

Since you’re clearly someone who cares a lot about this aircraft I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this issue.


I hear the 787 actually flies similar to the actual pitch attitude you’re talking about.
However, I don’t believe the 747 Family does. I would love to see this remidied in a potential rework of the 747 Family/Addition of the B748F.
Thanks for your thoughts! I’d love to see the B748F added one day, every vote helps. ;)


At the time of this reply, this feature request has hit 20 VOTES!!!
Thank you to everyone who has voted! Hopefully this will be implemented one day.


So on board with this. Was excited when I saw the title and even more excited when I read the details. Removed another vote for this. Besides the obvious need to have the W&B correlate!!!, the other items like the nose cargo door and wing flex would be such a material improvement. I love flying the cargo liveries, but I’m always a little bummed when setting the makeshift W&B. Would also love to have the nose door open while going through the pre flight routine and then upon landing. And if you want to talk about wing flex… what more could you ask for than this beauty rotating at max capacity?? (Subtly gonna slip in vapor clouds on the wings and trails off the tips begins to drool - one can dream)

Thank you @MrMrMan for taking the time to create such a detailed and specific request. Hope we can keep the momentum rolling.


Thank you for your vote, and for your thoughts! I was more than happy to create this request, and I hope it gathers more votes as time goes on.
I can only imagine the wing flex if it’s fully loaded… wow!


Yes, bring in the laughing plane. I wonder how many people would spam the “open nose door” and “close nose door” to imitate a laugh.


That sure would be funny to see! I might even do that…
In all honesty, an opening nose door would be really great on this gentle giant! :)


At the time of this post, this feature request has hit:

25 VOTES!!!

We’re one-fourth of the way to 100! Super excited! Thanks for all of the support, everyone! :)

Any chance this could get more votes? ;)


I really would love to have this in the game! UPS and Cargolux are some of my favorite cargo airlines!


I’d also love to have this in game. It’s such an iconic cargo aircraft! The UPS livery looks really nice on it, as does Cargolux.
Hopefully we see this in Infinite Flight one day!


My New Year wish was to get this in 2019.


Hopefully! I’d love to see this aircraft come this year!


So close to 30! 3 more votes to go!


Nearly to 30 votes, only two left to go!

Although this may not get added soon, I sure hope it does come if a 747 Rework happens.