Boeing 747-8F


I actually found it on Wiki, haha ;)


Ohh we really need the Cathay 747-8F Hong Kong Trader Livery, i think i saw a livery request of that somewhere here on the forum… hmmm, i’ll have to search for it ;)

And here it is:


We need the actual plane first before the livery ;)
I have to admit though, that is a good looking livery!!


That’s true, i’m getting off-topic here, plane first, livery 2nd :)
Great job thinking that we need to seperate the -8I from the 8F, we really need to maximize the capacity of cargo in the 8F to what it is IRL.


No worries! :) If we don’t get the separate plane, that would still be a great livery to have on the 747-8 we do have.
Thanks! I really hope we do get them separated in the future. The cargo definitely does need to be maximized.


I’ll see if i can cast a vote for this one maybe by the end of this summer ;)
No promises, but i’d like to fly the -8F in it’s maximum capability of holding cargo.


Thank you! I’d definitely love any votes I can get :)


This thread is making me excited. So hoping the developers decide to do this.


Me too! We definitely need it :)


Let’s get some more votes! 😁


This would be great with a 747-400F


I thought so too! We’d have so many liveries to pick from, and with the two planes that brings a lot to the table!


Got ya covered. ;)


This thread is for the separate plane itself :)


I know but he suggested that the Qatar livery must come with the plane, so I linked him over to a feature request so he can vote.


Ah, okay. Makes sense.
If we got a 747-8F by itself that livery could be on it ;)


Hey there everyone! It’s been a while!
I have slightly refreshed the topic, and updated it here and there.
I’d love to see some more votes for this beauty!


Wow, you guys!

We have officially made it over 10 votes!

I know that 10 votes isn’t necessarily a lot, but I’m so happy we’ve done it! This was my first feature request so this is a milestone for me. Thanks for all the support! Could we gather any more? ;)


Just gonna bump this up.

We need this in IF!


Thanks @Aceorbit! I do definitely agree we need this, it’d be so fun to fly a true cargo variant of this great aircraft!