Boeing 747-8F

I would like to preface this feature request with the fact that this is not a request for a livery or an update on the current 747-8, but for the separate 747-8F itself. Could be included in a 747 Rework if that did happen.

Boeing 747-8F

The 747, The Queen of the Skies, in her largest cargo variant ever seen. Many cargo operators use her because of her increased efficiency and reliability, increased cargo hold, and many other things.

I understand that we already have the 747-8 in Infinite Flight, and that it has cargo liveries, but myself and others felt the need for the separate 747-8F. I feel the need for the separate aircraft because the cargo variants still have passengers in weight and balance, and can only hold about 90,000lbs of cargo where the 747-8F itself can hold over three times that amount. There are also limited cargo liveries on the 747-8 in Infinite Flight. I feel the need for a separate aircraft as well because how amazing would it be to have an opening nose door and side cargo doors on this gentle giant?! If this did get implemented, we could get new features such as those on the CRJs, and the updates to planes such as wing flex, more cameras, and more liveries.

I have talked with some members of the community, and we feel that this is definitely a necessity in the game and we’d love to see it. Anyways, who wouldn’t want to fly this beautiful cargo plane?

TL;DR : Features I’m Requesting

  • Opening nose cargo door
  • Opening side cargo doors
  • Wing flex
  • New camera views
  • Updated cockpit
  • More liveries
  • Removal of passengers in Weight & Balance
  • With removal of PAX, allow the accurate amount of cargo to be added

Statistics on the 747-8F

  • Length : 250ft 2in or 76.3m
  • Height : 63ft 6in or 19.4m
  • Wingspan : 224ft 5in or 68.4m
  • Cargo Capacity : 303,700lbs or 137.7 metric tons
  • Range : 4,120nm

Some of the world’s leading package delivery services and air cargo companies operate the 747-8F.

List of Operators

  • AirBridgeCargo Airlines
  • Atlas Air
  • Boeing Freight (Also in Seattle Seahaws Special Livery)
  • British Airways World Cargo (no longer in use, but they did operate)
  • CargoLogicAir
  • Cargolux
  • Cathay Pacific Cargo
  • Etihad Cargo (Only one, in old livery, leased from Atlas Air, retired in 2016)
  • Korean Air Cargo
  • Nippon Cargo
  • Polar Air Cargo / DHL
  • Qatar Cargo
  • Saudia Cargo
  • Silk Way Airlines
  • UPS
  • Volga-Dnepr Airlines
    For the liveries not in the source, thank you to @william and @Captain_JR for letting me know about them!

There are already tons of freight liveries on the 747-8 and many of the liveries you listed are stop already in the game.


I understand that. However, there are many missing liveries, and for the cargo liveries we do have, they are missing cargo functions such as the opening nose and side doors, there are pax in weight and balance, and there is only up to about 90,000 lbs of cargo where the actual payload is over 300,000 lbs.


The current 747-8 has:

  • Air Bridge Cargo
  • Cargolux
  • Korean Air
  • Nippon Cargo

@Kevin_Potthast - As @AsternAviation mentioned, there are only three of the nine liveries in the game. There are five cargo liveries total, including the Boeing Freight Livery and the Seattle Seahawks Livery. (The Korean Air livery is the passenger variant.) Sure, we could request liveries all day, but in reality the 747-8F needs to be its own plane in myself and other’s opinions. We need an opening nose door, opening side doors, passengers to be removed from weight and balance, more cargo payload, the list goes on.


Not most of them, look at Cathay Cargo, UPS, and a few others.


But IMO, this is more than a feature request, this is a priority, as there’s pax when it should be cargo, only 90k LBS, and lack of livires and its own separate area.


That’s basically what this request is, a separation of the -8I and the -8F, but with many other aspects included. Thanks for understanding! :)


I personally think that adding new liveries/cargo to the 747-8 would be quite essential, since I dislike flying only a few and gets quite boring.


don’t forget speedbird ,Saudia airline, Etihad and Polar by “DHL”


Thank you! I just updated the thread :)
British Airways World Cargo phased out their 3 747-8F’s.
I somehow forgot to put in Saudia…
Etihad no longer operates the 747-8F, and when they did it was the old livery.
Polar operates for DHL so I put it as Polar/DHL.
Thank you again! I didn’t even know about some of these.

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Would love see an update on the -8F! Sure do miss working on them



I’d like it too. Having the pax in Weight and balance and not being able to have opening cargo doors takes away some fun. The lack of liveries does too.
I’d sure hope to see my feature added :)


Hey Guys, don’t forget about Qatar Cargo 747-8F 😎


I spaced that one too. Thank you! Updating thread now :)


There’s 1 more that i found :)

We better start making feature requests of these beautiful liveries :)


Love the first picture but it’s a -400F


Ah dang it. Wait i’ll see if i messed up something :)

Edit: All fixed now ;)


Just added CargoLogicAir. The wiki for the 747-8 doesn’t have all of them, so I appreciate the help!


I actually found it on Wiki, haha ;)