Boeing 747-8F Over Greenland

Flight- Baku to Chicago
Time- 11 hours
Expert Server


Hey there! Very nice photo! If you could please give more information about your flight, what server it was on, and the flight time etc. That would be great!

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@Javier9377 welcome back to the Infinite Flight Community, that is a Great picture the details, scenery, and clarity of it are amazing, not to mention the angle and lighting!!! :) To add on to what @MJP_27 said make sure you fill out this template upon posting in the #screenshots-and-videos category which you did but a little more background would be even better such as where this photo was taken, at what altitude, or a back story of the flight:

@MJP_27 it seems like we are always in these #screenshots-and-videos threads around the same time with similar feedback LOL :)

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Thanks man, I haven’t posted in years but I will definitely follow the proper layout, I apologize for insufficient information.

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@Javier9377 just a question what device/ editing are you using? That picture is amazing!

No worries, we’re just trying to make sure people understand the full story of the flight, the information was sufficient but a little more can tell an even better story if people know more about the setting, then they can appreciate even more about the conditions going into taking this photo!!! :)

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Completely understand and I’ll make sure to do that on my next post. I am using a 2018 IPad Pro and picture is not edited just took it with Antialiasing On and Graphics on High

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@Javier9377 understood those are great pictures!!! :)

Nice pictures @Javier9377, I flew right over you when you were headed to Chicago & I was on the way to Detroit!

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Saw you as well, I think just 1,000 feet over me, I was on emergency decent due to low fuel

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