Boeing 747-8

Hi guys,
I have some problems with the Boeing 747. Firstly, the fuel flow of the plane is no where near the one that is in the ‘Weight and Balance’ section in the menu. Every time I use the plane, the fuel flow sky rocketed up to 12000-13000 kg/hr, far from the 8800 kg/hr fuel flow that in the fuel weight section. Both
the -400 and -8 suffer from the same issue. Secondly, this only happens in the -8, whenever I climb up above FL370, the plane wobbles violently. I don’t know what to do when the plane wobbles for the whole flight so I just quit flying the 747-8. What should I do to fix the issues?

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What’s your weight? You could be too heavy and too high, if you’re very heavy you must start off at lower altitudes and work your way up- known as Step climbing


Anyone elses 747-8 randomly stall at cruising?

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You, as well, are also most likely too high and heavy. See my post above :)


I was only cruising AT FL34, and only 170 passengers, low cargo, and 6 hours of fuel. If that’s to heavy :|

Ah ok, personally I don’t use the 747 family so I’m not an expert there, if it’s not too high and heavy, perhaps someone else can provide insight.
Or else I sound like a broken record

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It’s ok! Thanks for your help!

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Talk to me… I used to fly the 747 series quite regularly without problem.

Weight Vs Speed Vs Height is always the major drama.

So provide those details, and let’s see if we can come up with a solution for you guys.

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