Boeing 747-8

I just don’t get it i used the fuel what simbrief told me too put in and it saying I got low fuel I put 103339kg Block Fuel So I just don’t get it, is it a bug

Did you put the same altitude that it told you to?

This is due to

  • Improper cruising speed
  • Too much fuel being wasted on climbing. VS too high or Speed too fast.

The fuel at the bottom is as of your current flying conditions. Keep in mind the plane will get lighter as you burn fuel.


yeah i change my altitude to FL340 But it told me too go FL320

Did simbrief tell you to cruise at .89? That seems quite fast


In addition, for the best fuel calculations he needs to enter his ZFW manually and not leave it to auto. Simbrief will randomly select a aircraft load then and then give out the altitude and fuel needs based on that. He also needs to set his fuel factor correctly.

In this case he has to wait for more fuel to be burned so his weight goes down, as well as slow to proper cruising speed of M85, and eventually he will be all good.

I noticed that SimBrief uses some other fuel consumption formula for the 747 series that does not fit very well in IF. I also found myself a couple of times having less fuel than I’d like to. The solution for this is to in SimBrief create a custom aircraft - pull the weight information from IF into this custom aircraft. Use the field “fuel factor” to adjust. As a reference… P05 means plus 5% fuel so you may want to play with the numbers a bit until you get the right thing.

After that, create your briefing using the custom aircraft instead of the standard one. Happy landings (with enough fuel)!


Fuel factor is critical for a lot of the aircraft.

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Yeah it has work going to M85 Cheers Man

i don’t how to find that what speed to go where is that in simbrief

Here… MN column.

You can also go here - User Guide to find more about the meaning of each field in your briefing.

You can also use as it has a more friendly interface. It will display the key flight information right on the top.


Cheers for that mate

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Take a look at this if you need any more help understanding it. Welcome to the forum also and if you need any, do not hesitate to ask:

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