Boeing 747-8 Weight and Balance

Hello pilots, what’s up?

Should I put the same amount of weight in each compartment (front and rear), or sync in the IF way? How is this done in real life?


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Hi, it doesn’t matter to much, but… if you are on a short runway you should put more in the rear to help lift the nose.

Uh no. That’ll create off balance if it was irl. How IF works is say you put all fuel in one wing nothing will happen. Don’t touch the settings, leave session start a new one and the wing with all fuel will be slammed down. IRL if they have a lot heavier stuff would go in the middle, followed by lighter stuff in the front and back, to keep the planes centre of gravity. However a simple google search would probably give you the answer, i am just thinking off the top of my head in a logical way.


if you put more in the rear be prepared to have an epic stall (if you know what i’m talking about you know)


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