Boeing 747-8 Swaying


I’m having a small problem with the Boeing 747-8.

I’m currently cruising over North Korea in my Boeing 747-8. I’m cruising at mach 0.85 and at an altitude of 36000 feet. There is currently 31-37 knot winds blowing southeast. My plane is currently rocking left and right and might stall at any second. How do I correct this? I have tried resetting the autopilot and flying manually.

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Hello! How Heavy are you?

Approximately 813,000 pounds (287,500 of which is fuel).

Weird, I’m not sure what’s happening, sorry

The same has happened to me in an 787. The only thing you can do is ride it out. Dont worry u ll not crash:)

Okay. Thanks for your input. I will continue to experiment with other solutions.

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I have determined that the only long term solution is to fly with or against the wind with the same heading as the wind. Turning ten degrees in either direction can act as a last resort.

North Korea eh? Maybe Kim jong Un is playing with the electromagnetic fields again. I would suggest flying manually, or turning into the wind or turning away from it if you don’t want it to sway. And don’t worry, I’ve sat through 90 knot crosswinds in a 737 and not crashed. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine😉


Same here!

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What is your Airplane Load Percentage - you should find it in the Status Bar at the bottom.

Try going down to a lower altitude.

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It’s probably because you are too heavy for your altitude. Go down by 2000 ft at a time until it doesn’t rock anymore


What flight are you doing? If it’s a long haul you should go to 30-33k, then over the duration of the flight you can go higher and higher as you get lighter, and go vs 100 or 200 so you can still keep the seatbelt sign off

It’ll possibly just go away, happened to me on a 787 flight from Doha, to London heathrow. It will get less noticeable when you fly more, anyways, have a nice flight!

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