Boeing 747-8 Starting Points

Was attempting to fly the -8 for UPS Virtual, and there are no spawn points “large” enough for it at our Worldport at KSDF (Louisville). In addition, all other of our US Hubs (PANC, KONT, KRFD, KPHL, KDFW, and KMIA) do not have large enough spawn points. This means none of our VA members can fly the -8 for our VA, until this issue gets resolved.

This issue with gate size restrictions has been brought up many times and will be addressed. I’m sure the airport editing team is already at work.

You can talk to them here

I don’t know if it got changed lately but a few weeks ago I flew the 8F out of Anchorage and considering There is room for a 744 at PHL I’m surprised there isn’t for a 748

Well I am glad it is being worked on but it is very frustrating as staff for a VA, as it limits the aircraft our VA members can fly

On the old map, we couldn’t even fly the 744 out of KONT, even though UPS flies -8’s out of there all the time

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The airport editing team knows that the new gate size restrictions got stricter. We’re trying our best to resolve each one of them.

Can’t speak for the other airports, but in KMIA, I added some F-size spawns in some cargo aprons, expect the UPS apron because the space was very tight for the 747-8.

I understand. I don’t even think they fly the 747’s into MIA, or if they do it’s not that often

Airport Editing Team is aware of it, thank you! 😊