Boeing 747-8 issues

Hi, I’m just a bit confused about the fuel flow of the Boeing 747-8. On the fuel section of the weight and balance tab, it says the fuel flow should be around 8900 kg/h. However, when cruising, I always get around 13000-14000 kg/h during initial climb and cruise and around 10000 kg/h before descent. This is always the case regardless of the aircraft’s weight and messes up my fuel plan every time. How do you work around this problem?

Another issue is that the A/P seems to be really abrupt with the banking. When banking into a small turn, the aircraft just banks and then wobbles from side to side for quite a while. This issue is not to be found during steeper turn. Is there anyway to fix this problem yet?

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Take on extra fuel

That sounds like the A/P simply trying to re-align with your FPL. Have you tried taking LNAV off and setting a heading to re-intercept your FPL?

This is indicative of cruising too high for your weight. The 747 is a very heavy aircraft and cruises lower than the newer more-efficient aircraft. Can you give an example - stating your cruise altitude and your weight load percentage at the time.


What Benny said is correct, I wouldn’t go above FL370/FL380 depending on your heading, and in addition I’d use trim. On takeoff, use negative trim and at cruise use positive trim, this will help you to have a better fuel flow.

I’m aware of how cruising too high while heavy will affect fuel flow. That’s why I never go above 35000 during initial cruise with my load percentage at 70-100%, but still got the problem.

At 70% load in the 747, you should be at FL320/FL330 - you shouldn’t generally be at FL350 until near 50% load.

You should have a look at this topic and its replies.

There lies your answer.

(Tip 💡: try using flaps 10 during cruise and see what it does to your fuel flow.)

Great Idea I was gonna suggest that when I read the post

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