Boeing 747-8 cruising problem

Has anybody else noticed when cruising with a 747-8 that the plane is sitting with the front higher than the back. It looks like the plane is trying to climb. I’ve tried adjusting the trim and even flying with no cargo or passengers and it still does it. I have only noticed it with this plane. I was just wondering if anybody saw this.


This is normal. I have experienced the same thing in the B748, along with other aircraft like the MD-11. This is a natural “nose-up” feature of the aircraft, adding negative trim will only make your plane’s altitude go down.

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Okay thats what I thought. it just look so weird cruising at fl380 sitting like that.


This is also normal IRL, many aircraft such as the 777 cruise with an upward pitch.

Try flying faster

How high are you referring to? If it’s within 5 degrees nose pitch then it’s normal. The 787 also has the same issue. 777 and A380 is level with the horizon.


It’s not an issue if it’s supposed to pitch up.

If it is pitching unnaturally high then that oppose a issue and could lead the plane to stall. But if the plane pitches 5-7 degress then it should be totally fine that’s what the plane does IRL.

So I would hardly call it a issue. And if you as a Heavy 777 climb to FL390 right away, no step climb then you’ll see the pitch is mire more visible and I who do step climb also at lower ALT such as FL330 see a slight pitch up, the plane 777 isn’t 100% centerline horizontally and the 777 isn’t supposed to pitch up as much as the 747 or 787 so that’s why it looks like it’s horizontal and flying 100% straight forward with no upward pitch.

Normal level flight pitch profile for the 777 is approx 2-2.5 degrees nose up.

Remember, flight path angle is not related to body pitch angle. The nose may be up but if the wing is in equilibrium the aircraft will fly level. They ain’t bolted on ‘aerodynamically’ square to the fuselage! ;)

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Yeah that’s pretty normal I think you got the idea here but at least it’s better than cruising with a negative pitch cough cough 757 and 767

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