Boeing 747-8 At Dublin Airport (now the biggest plane to ever visit Dublin)

So the Chinese Premier Li Qiang came for an official visit.
With that the Premier arrived in a Air China 747-8 (presidential I think idk)
This now makes 747-8 (747-89L) the biggest plane that has ever landed in Dublin Airport before it was the 747-400

Here’s the article

What are your thoughts


Interesting…I’m surprised a 747-8 hasn’t landed there before

also its the 747-8 not the 747-800…


ill change it to -8 thought it was the same tbh
Thanks tho

And yeah this airport doesn’t really have jumbo jets can’t really fit them into the passenger terminals, that plane had to park in the cargo area because it was too big, as well as Air force 1

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Ok, Airbus 474 with stage 2 ecu remap and with a catalyst converter installed with 6 gears and type 3 turbo with AV fuel filter with Fire suppression system installed Ai controlled by the Stage 2 ecu remap, with black box delete, exhaust suppression delete, APU delete. Sukoi modified.

Im joking

thanks for the info