Boeing 747-400ERF

Now, considering we’ve got new cargo aircraft going in the MD 11’s and DC 10’s with FDS. 747 Freighters have existed for a long time but we need an extension, the -8 is all cargo and there are only 2 airlines which use them as passenger aircraft. We have a ton of airlines with cargo aircraft as the 747 and we are unable to fly them as they are not in the game; Emirates, Etihad, Cathay Pac, Thai etc. It’s what we the community would like to see. Someone close this topic if necessary. I’ve searched up and there was no topic upon this.


There are actually three operators of the B747-8. The 400ERF does not vary enough for it to be added after all you wouldn’t really notice the difference.

As for B747 freighters in general they have been requested, please search before creating topics:


Engines? On IF there are only 2.
Lufthansa and Korean air

Read and you’ll find out I already knew that. READ!

That does not mean IF it means in the real world. If you can’t make things clear it’s not my fault!


Then why don’t you ask FDS to add it? I don’t want to spark an argument. So if this topic will now be closed. :)

What do you mean ask them, they have already been requested and it’s not really clear what your asking for anyway.


I think they should add both 747s the -8 and 400 erf because they dont have the same liveries
Example: klm 747 cargo version is only the 400 erf

If you really want to accomplish what you’re setting out for I wouldn’t recommend asking for your topic to be closed. FDS listens to the community, the MD-11 announcement is evidence of that. Remember that only a few of people are working behind the scenes for everything that we have. A feature request takes a few seconds but implementing them takes a lot longer.

@Md11 We already have the -8’s

Personally I believe we don’t need the ERF it would just be better to have the -400 freighters and add the liveries of the ERF to the -400F. But this is just my opinion

True, I did say in my message ‘‘extension’’. Your welcome.