Boeing 747-400 Landing Troubles


today I tried to do a flight from London Heathrow to Chicago O’Hare International in British Airways’s b747-400 and upon arrival in KORD, my b747-400 tail spun on the runway and skidded off the runway onto the taxiway where it then crashed. I would not have minded this problem I’m having if this were the first time it is happening, but this has also happened to me in the past. That last time, I did a flight from London Heathrow to Delhi International, again a British Airways b747-400, and the same thing happened. Upon both arrivals, I had full flaps, and spoilers armed. Can someone help me? I’m starting to fear flying the b747-400 anymore and I don’t want that to happen!

What speed are you landing at?

I was landing somewhere between 170 and 180 knotts. No more, no less. I do that speed for all my aircraft

In my opinion you should be going around 150 with full flaps. If you are landing faster it’s not going to allow for a stable landing.


But I do that for all my aircraft, and none of the others crash. Is the b747-400 a special case?

Some handle differently but try the 150 Range for all aircraft, the 170 Range is too high. Try it out a few times with those speeds and see what you think.


Thanks! Will give it a try

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Also plz remember that the MD11 has a 165knots landing speed due to its small stabiliser design. It has the fastest landing speed in the game.


Not if you use trim and full flaps, I can land 135 knots with the MD-11


Well that is the real life landing speed


Every aircraft’s own landing speed is still very dependent by weight, weather and even flap setting (for example in a Dash 8 flaps 35 is only used for steep approaches).


Check out this document, @Aniket_Joglekar. It’s been super helpful for me!

All Boeing Aircraft Approach Speeds

Your approach speed is obviously dependent on the total weight of the aircraft. So this is a good estimate to see where you should be, depending on the weight and your aircraft at the time!

@Chatta290 is right, you should be in the 150 range for the 747.


What happened upon landing? Spoilers were armed, flaps were full, but did you even touch the rudder pedal? I think it is best of the rudder pedal was controlled even if you were on the runway. When you are slowing down, your fingers should remain on the reverse thrust and the rudder pedal. Reverse thrust to quickly slow down your airplane and rudder pedal just to make sure it doesn’t spin and crash.

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the thing I dont like on 747-400 is that some actions aren’t really true and real…
Like when u set the’’ flaps full’’ or retract the flaps from ‘‘10degree to 5 degree’’ She will have a big movement which is not true…
So future have to rework as well :/

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Make sure you are “flaring” so that the back wheels touch down first, this should prevent you from spinning out.


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