Boeing 747-400 House colors

They used to have this when the 747 first came out, but got rid of it when it was reworked. I’m supprised there were no other feature requests for this. Here’s are pic before it got reworked.


Oh I remember that. How the times have changed.

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It also had missions.


I’m for it as long as it doesn’t have the texture quality shown above ;)


Lets bring back the B744 House Colours!

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It kind of looks like the one in FSX.

I remember back in the day, we used to have a house colors 747.

Back when there was a space shuttle, there was missions with this aircraft where you had to try to get the smoothest landing. After the 747 had a full-on rework, they removed all of that, and I would likke to see this livery again.

Woah, 3 years and only 7 replies. That’s a first. This feature would be cool I like the mission thing but I’m out of votes.