Boeing 747-400 from Phoenix to London Heathrow

Hello IFC! Here are some pictures of my flight from Phoenix SkyHarbor to London Heathrow. Another successful flight in IF.

Aircraft: British Airways Boeing 747-400
Route: Phoenix (KPHX) to Heathrow (EGLL)
Flight Time: 9 Hours 4 Minutes
Server: Expert

Ready to taxi to runway 07L, in the backround @John001 taking off with a beautiful Avelo Airlines Boeing 737-800

Takeoff from runway 07L

Moon starting to rise over Nebraska

Flying to sunrise over Atlantic

Starting descent towards Heathrow

And a landing on runway 09L

Parked to Terminal 5 after successful flight


These are all nice shots! I especially love shots with other aircraft in the background.


Thank you!

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Amazing, 747-400 is such a beautiful queen, especially when she wears the BA colors 😍


I wish I had a chance to get on one of these British Airway 747 🥲🥲


Thanks, the BA livery really does look great on the 747. Hopefully we will get the 747 rework soon!

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You still have chance, two of the retired BA 747’s are parked on Dundfold Aerodrome, in England. The other one wears the “Landor” -special livery :)

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I’ll try to book it when I in uk