Boeing 747-400 Freighter

Just how can it be offensive?

You’re only allowed 1 photo per request?

Rules were different back in the day, and after 2 months you can’t edit the post anymore

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How is that offensive? Its a genuine question. In case you didn’t know, El Al Aircraft are actually equipped with this, their cargo aircraft are most likely as well.

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It might have flares but there’s no laser housing on the aircraft I can see

But I don’t see any housing on their 787s either. if they had ever had 747Fs with missile protection it won’t be a result of their passenger 747 conversion, as they didn’t have BCFs

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I’d kindly invite you to scroll through the thread first before commenting the known issue :)

Sorry about that.

I like the 747-400F i hope that they can add it soon

Bump !


I agree this is very important

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Voted! I really would love to see this one in the KLM colors!

Here’s my favorite KLM cargo livery. (Old)

Here’s the new livery, I don’t like it imo, the older one looks cooler.

Which do you think is better in your opinion?
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  • Old

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