Boeing 747-400 controlling Problem

I was flying from EETN to UUWW on Citation X. There were strong winds and the yoke was shaking from side to side. The plane was shaking from side to side all flight. I thought it was because of winds, but later I was flying solo on 744 in normal weather (no winds, no turbulence, no wind gusts) and it had the same problem!
I don’t know the reason: my device problems or problem is in the game?

P.S. Sorry for my English)

Did you happen to have accidentally had your rudder pushed to one side the entire flight? Maybe it got stuck?

Probably overspeed or it was just crazy winds, the citation is tiny compared to a 747. So the winds will have much more pronounced affect on it

Can you provide a bit more information?

Did you have Autopilot engaged at the time this happened?

Does this issue still happen?

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Yes, autopilot was engaged and problem still happen (even after restarting the app)

The Cessna Citations X does indeed like to rock like a boat when it’s flown (especially if there are high winds). The aircraft has a pretty old flight model, so it would be that what is causing the issue.

You personally can’t do much about it unfortunately. I’ve flown it decent number of times and never had issues with the autopilot disconnecting and causing the aircraft to dive. So you should be good if you’re worried about receiving violations.

This has nothing to do with your device and restarting/reinstalling or doing anything with the app will not solve the the issue.

Problem is in B744 controls

How fast were you flying and what was the conditions like?

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