Boeing 747-300

South African
Pakistan International
House Colors
Cathay Pacific
Phuket Air
Dragonair Cargo (Freighter)
Mahan Air
Korean Air
Travel City Direct
Martinair Cargo (Freighter)
ABC (Freighter)
Atlas Air (Freighter)
Asiana (Old Stripe livery) (Freighter)
TAAG Angola Airlines (Combi)
Surinam Airways (Combi)
Air India (Combi)
Egyptair (Combi)
One-Two-Go (Combi)
KLM (Combi)
Singapore Airlines (Combi)
Swissair (Combi)
Malaysia Airlines (Combi)

Engines: Ge CF6 50E, Pratt and Whitney JT9D-7, RollsRoyce rb211-524
MTOW: 351,500 Kilograms
MLW: 260,370 Kilograms


300ER is there already… right?

Oh. didn’t read that correctly

Personally I think we should be happy with the 747s that we have currently. Someday, a 747-300 and 747-100 should be added though.

The Shuttle Carrier is technically a 747-100.

Yes [asterisk] technically [asterisk].

I am interested in real airline liveries, not the specially modified NASA airplane that looks far different from the original.

I’d like to see the original Pan Am (Not the second hand 742s they bought). An Air France 741, a Delta 741, United 741 in the old friendship and orange/blue tulip livery, NWA 741 back when NWA had Orient in its name, Qantas with the once legendary all-747 fleet in the old orange stripe livery.

Something far more authentic and classic than the 747-200s that lasted further into the 21st century.

You mean the retro livery on this GORGEOUS 738 fitted with the bandit :]


(not my photo)


I’ve flown on that plane haha 😍

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Yes, the orange stripe.

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Removed post. Deemed off topic.

Oh yes! I was a 90’s boy and I didn’t get to see all the early jetliners of the 70’s, with all the great service and looks of planes. :(

If you knew more about the 747-300 you would know it was introduced in late 1970s as a 747-200sr deck extension and new engines and three new fuselage frames forward and aft of the wings

Info used from the 747 story (book not movie)

Qantas skipped 741 and went to 742 because while Qantas was waiting the 742 came along

Two different 747s a 747-100 (normal) and 747-100sr

They leased one for a very short while IIRC, but that’s for PM if you wish to chat about this.

747-100SR, -300SR, -400D are all related Domestic versions of thr 747 but I wouldn’t think it worth adding because they all look rather similar

And also add Ansett to 747-400 and 300 when it comes even though they were leased aircraft from Singapore airlines