Boeing 747-200 and A340-300/600

Hi all,

I think we really need a update on the older 747 in the game, the 747-200. We need more liveries for it also, maybe something like the Air India or Air Lanka liveries would be amazing. Also, I think we need a rework on the A340-600 and potentially see a A340-300 in the game, these Airbuses are getting old.

Thanks alot!


You could make a gesture request if one does not already exist!

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Hello! I believe this topic is what you’re looking for in the Features category.

Feel free to vote for the topic, and add to the discussion!

As for the A340 I don’t believe there is an active rework topic in the Features category. I could be wrong though, and you could also make one if one doesn’t exist!


Thanks alot, I will look into this

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yea, no problem! I hope you find what you’re looking for!

Just know that if you create a features request for something that already has a topic, it will be taken down by developers.

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