Boeing 747-200: Aircraft Review

I’m only doing commercial aircraft at the moment.

I had forgotten that. Seems to be the most logical method.


More would be great!

Tip: Accept PM’s about what people say about airplanes. You could possibly discover something new!

For example:
The -200 has a large back part of the cockpit, while the -8 does not(due to better technology)

Once I saw that picture Jonny Nash’s 1972 hit ‘I can see clearly now’ started playing in my head.

Nice Review

The only word needed to review this aircraft is perfection.


Agreed, mate.

Which (if any) liveries on IF are still in use today?

Air Canada, Alitalia, Iberia, KLM, SAS, South African Airways, Olympic Airlines, Japan Airlines, Iran Air and Pakistan International Airlines.

But some of those are outdated now. I meant if the livery was still in use, not the airline :)

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Most airlines (if not all) have rebranded themselves with a new, more “fluid” logo, but the old liveries may be applied on special occasions though.

This plane is one of my favorites, especially the Alitalia livery.

If you count Air Force One, then it

All of the liveries have been outdated except SAA I think.

South African and Iran Air I think. Oh Boeing, by the way I’ve fixed it to include your comment on this aircraft.

Yes, I forgot Iran Air

LOL how could I

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