Boeing 742-4-8 event! @ KNUC - 141730ZAPR16

Boeing 742-4-8 only allowed
Free flight server!
Please join!
@anon37868686 from Instagram

Hello Kaler and Welcome to this amazing community.

Please follow the Event Guidelines.

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Thanks mate!
My event is not visible on the main screen?
Why ?
Please help?

It does not show up, because you have to use the correct title format for an event post. @CaptainDawud already linked you a post for that.
If you don’t know how to convert GMT to Zulu etc. leave the post in the #live category (only #live, never #live:atc, #live:events or #live:va) and wait until a Regular or moderator changes the title and category for you. Did it for you quickly.
Now it should show up on the event screen.
Welcome to the forum, enjoy your stay! :)

Which airport

Don’t forget to mention my recently added Events Guide and template :)

Oh I’m soo sorry ! I forgot to add that.

Added it :)

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