Boeing 737NG Simulator

Yesterday I had the opportunity to fly in a Boeing 737NG simulator. Thanks to Infinite Flight Simulator, I had a basic knowledge on what to do. I didn’t even crash. During the simulator, I was on final at CYYZ when an airplane decided it would be a good idea to cross the runway. I then had to turn up the throttle and get my butt out of there. All in all, it was an amazing experience. I highly recommend that you do a simulator.

If anybody is interested here is some info:

Fantasy Flight Simulator Burlington, Ontario, Canada


Did someone see you do the go around?

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How much did it cost?, I do the Emirates one a few years ago but it’s not a proper simulator and it’s quite expensive in my opinion

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The co-pilot/ instructor and my aunt.

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I believe it was $150 an hour.

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Okay thanks, I can’t remember how much the Emirates thing was but they gave us extra time as we had booked the A380 but someone else wanted it so we let them have it and used the B777 and they gave extra time

He asked me if I was in some sort of flight class. I just told him I play infinite flight simulator! :)


I’ve had the opportunity to go in one as well. Great fun :)

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