Boeing 737MAX Deliveries Suspended!!

After the recent fatal, Lionair & Ethiopian 737MAX crashes 5 only 5 months apart. Faith in the safety of legendary aeroplane as dropped. Over the course of 8 years, the 737MAX has accumulated roughly 5000 orders. However, Boeing has made the decision to suspend all upcoming 737MAX deliveries until they’ve found the problem. But in full confidence in the aircraft Boeing has stated that they will not halt the production of the aircraft. The flight recorders from the Ethiopian Airways Boeing 737MAX 8 which crashed earlier this week have been recovered and have arrived in France for analysis, at the same time as reports of the pilot’s last comments to air traffic controllers have been revealed.
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From the decision, Boeing will have quite a few 737Max aircraft parked around the facilities. Even though Boeing has issued the suspension of the 737MAX 8 aircraft being delivered, it was said that customers who were expecting the 737MAX type, will not actually want to take the aircraft on-board from the recent events. According to a Boeing spokesperson (Chaz Bickers), they’ve stated, "We continue to build the 737MAX aeroplanes while assessing how the situation, including potential capacity constraints, will impact our production system,"
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An aircraft like the Boeing 737MAX and the A320neo have such high demand if the 737MAX in which case I’ll remind you which has roughly 5000order if that program fails they’ll all fall back to the Airbus A320, which could give Boeing quite a hit, knowing how successful the Boeing 737 program has been going.
What are your thoughts on the issue? Do you believe the 737MAX program will die or do you think it will revive? Comment your thoughts down below!
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I don’t think it will die.

But chances are that the 737 Max needs a new certification and pilots need typerating on the MAX. Today 737 NG pilots only need an online course to fly it.


I wholeheartedly agree

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