Boeing 737 Wing Issue

Boeing is telling some airlines flying its 737 model to replace a part on the planes’ wings, a move that could affect more than 100 aircraft.

Boeing said on Sunday that it is working with federal regulators and contacted airlines about potential problems discovered in one batch of “slat tracks” produced by a supplier. The company said it has identified 21 planes most likely to have the parts in question, and it’s advising airlines to check an additional 112 planes. The replacement work should take one to two days after the parts are in hand.

That total does not include the 179 737 Max aircraft that could also have the parts in question. The 737 Max was grounded worldwide following two crashes involving the model.


Well… that’s a lot of 737 on the news lately. Hope it isn’t a serious issue and that it’s fixed quickly to avoid further complications.

Hope to read more on this case, as to which models are in question and what the issue is regarding as in what part of wing has a problem that needs solving also how serious this matter is? As it could affect airlines worldwide if it shows to be a complicated situation.


It is at this moment I give up.

The 737 is such a nice, trustworthy aircraft. How does stuff like this happen without the supplier thoroughly testing this new technology? I know that every aircraft has or had its flaws, but the 737 isn’t looking too good in the eyes of the public. Don’t get me wrong, the 737NG and MAX series are aircraft that I would be happy to fly on. It’s just the way in how all these casualties are popping up like a plague that jumps from aircraft to aircraft. Also, the way the news portrays aviation issues is actually terrible, in my opinion. If an aircraft were to crash, I wouldn’t ever look at CNN or BBC as my news source.

All in all, I hope this issue is sorted out as soon as possible and there are no casualties in the process.


Definitely concerning, after everything with the MAX, and now this, the 737 is starting to lose the trust it had with the public


The MAX thing is bad, sure, but no one outside of deep aviation people care, or know about this, and I firmly believe that no one will know, or care if they are flying a MAX in a few years time…

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This is the same thing that happened with the 787 (batteries), just on a much smaller scale.

I think the 737NGs might also be grounded due to the issues to the wings.

Depends if anything bad where it would cause groundings of it or just a suggestion for immediate repair

It likely won’t be, even it it’s as serious as it is said, lots of people are profits before people and that would cost too much, and not that I agree with that, I do think if it’s serious it should be, but honestly I don’t think it’s serious enough to warrant a grounding. And plus Southwest, and some others would literally have no fleet

But according to some IFC members as well as a mod, I have no reason to share my opinion on the 737 Max

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