Boeing 737 Vs Airbus A320 Cargo Bins

Hello everyone, This was a highly requested topic where I compare the size and give my thoughts between each airplanes cargo bin. So here goes!
First up the Airbus A320 since A comes before B.

Here’s my thoughts on it. Is definitely bigger in terms of height but volume wise it’s not. Personally I find the Airbus 320 cargo bin better for people people that are taller since it’s a lot higher height wise! Loading the A320 bin can be difficult as it has different compartments separated by cargo nets that can be a pain to put back up. However a good thing is that you can definitely stack more bags across depending how big the bags are and how you lay them. Overall the bin is a nice place to hangout if the weather is crud and need to hangout for a bit.

And now the Boeing 737 bin.

My thoughts: it’s definitely more suitable for short people as it’s a lot more cramp and smaller. However it is a lot bigger length wise instead of height wise. You can probably fit 100 bags or so (estimate) in the front part of the aircraft. The bin is only separates by 1 cargo net instead of 2 and is a lot easier to put up than the 320 net. For y’all people the 737 bin is cramped and small but to a person who is shorter it’s a perfect place to work.

Below are a few pictures of such bins:


I get the nets are a pain but that 737 bin looks painful to be in. Just looks so claustrophobic and cramped.

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It depends. If your tall your going to be cramped but if your short you’ll be fine

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Does the curved bottom of the Boeing also pose an issue when losing bags? I can imagine it’d be hard getting bags on the side of the bay.

Another pro about the 737 (at least on Alaska Airlines, I don’t know about others) is that it can transport pets, while the A320 can not.

Unknown. I’ve only downloaded aka unloaded them and can’t tell if a problem with it

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I’m not sure on that. I’m sure that varies from airline to airline. The company that flies the 320 we don’t carry an cargo or put anything in the holds except bags and for the 737 company they are charters so I don’t think we would be getting any pets in the cargo hold

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Really nice comparison! Thanks so much.


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