Boeing 737 Skids off Runway After Landing Gear Collapse

There are no injuries reported of the 120 passengers on board. It is likely a 737-500. Investigation into why the landing gear collapsed is ongoing.


Too much pressure, and it snaps, not the first time this has happened…


Wow, at least no one got hurt.

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It could be caused of anyone reason, fatigued, old parts not properly inspected, poor maintenance, wear and tear ect


There is also I’m many cases (at least to my understanding) pilot error/weather involved since it has to be pretty bad to snap on a “smooth” landing…

Looks like a 737-500 due to it having the older type of wings and how small it is…which means it’s going to be older and more easy to damage


Oh, ok. Thank you for the info as I did not know that it was possible. I’m not sure if it was landing or taking off but I’m going to assume that it was taking off. Cant imagine it going smoothly on landing.

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This is not a small aviation incident by any means.


I would have to agree as there were 120 passengers on board and it is a major news story on most of the mainstream newsmedias. It’s a 737.

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If it’s like a small Cessna overrunning some runway in Europe it’s not newsworthy. If a large aeroplane crashes, then yeah, we keep it

good thing everyone is okay!


So what I’m gathering after some research is that the aircraft fuselage sits about 36 ft from the ground so the landing gear in the back looks like it collapsed would it (the fall to ground) have lost most of its energy because of the undercarriage taking most of it?

Does anybody have knowledge if landing gear collapses does it just immediately fall, or does it like bend in? This whole thing is very odd to me and hard to picture it happening.

Honestly, based on the mini research I just did it seems that if the nose gear collapses it falls, but if the main gear collapses it bends in, I guess it still could fall but most incidents it’s seemed to bend in.

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Wow! The 737 has not had a good year has it?

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Oh dear. Not another 737 incident.

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To be fair, it seems like a pretty old model (500) but yea.

@Patria Just a note/fun fact, the gears are supposed to collapse under pressure for safety reasons because if they didnt they have a chance of injuring people or potentially puncturing some vital equipment on the plane including fuel tanks

Appoligies is you knew this already and on a side note I found this in a documentary about a crash and I’m sorry it accidentally quoted someone else


Huh interesting!

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you can always go around🎵🎵