Boeing 737 series rework

I think that this is absolutely necessary, possibly after the CRJ rework. This would mostly be a livery spam update but the 737 itself could use some more improvements. Such as the addition of Scimitar winglets and wingflex, to make the aircraft more realistic. Feel free to share your suggestions below, but like I stated before, the liveries would be the majority of this update. Feel free to state your requested liveries below, here are my suggestions! Have a nice day :3

-American One World -800
-American Crome -800
-American TWA -800
-American Reno Air -800
-American AirCal -800
-Alaska New livery -700(s) -800(s) -900(s)
-Alaska Hawaiian Lei -800(s)
-Aeromexico Silver livery -700
-British Airways -800
-Copa -700
-Delta -700 -800(s) -900(s)
-Delta Skyteam -800(s)
-GOL -800
-KLM -800 New livery
-Miami Air -800
-Norwegian -800(s)
-Qantas -800 New livery
-Southwest -700(s) -800(s) New Livery
-Southwest -700(s) Lone Star, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada Battleborn, Maryland, Florida, California, Illinois, and Tennessee One
-Sunwing -800(s) TUI yellow or blue
-Sunwing -800(s) Orange
-Sun country -700(s) -800(s) New Livery
-Thompson / TUI -800(s)
-Thompson -800(s) Family Life
-United -700(s) -800(s) -900(s)
-United -900(s) Eco Skies
-United -700(s) Star Alliance
-Virgin Australia -800
-WestJet -800(s)
-WestJet -700 Tartan Tail
-WestJet -800 Disney

Although this one has more substance, the other one has 86 votes!


I would like to see the air India express livery!

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