Boeing 737 Series "2nd & soft" Rework

Hello, As you may know, the Boeing 737 series has been reworked on the 20.1 Update, but Im making this feature request because I would like to see a SECOND Rework, this time for a realistic flight experience and for another “full-equiped” aircraft.

What the second rework should include?

  • Passenger Cabins, with seats. Also seat view camera.
  • The really realistic CFM56-7 Sound, for a realistic experience on one of the most used planes in IF and IRL.
  • More liveries and, just is case, a cargo version.
  • Flaps rework
  • Door animations
  • Real Stall Horn Warning
  • APU sound for 737
  • Autopilot disconnected sound

Disclaimer: This is one feature request: The 2nd rework. Don’t think that the points above are each request.

Feel free to vote here for another fully reworked aircraft.

See you there :)

I mean the default engine sounds are taken from a 737 :/


I thought they were from a 767?


Nope, 737. Philippe had a small brain moment when he said that.


But the realistic ones. Got it?

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I mean, the 737s are as reworked as they can get at this point:

Live glass cockpits
Wing flex

Save for a few trinkets like door animation, the 737s really don’t need a rework at the moment. Maybe a few years down the line when IF’s quality standard has shifted considerably, but now, no.

The devs, imo, can better spend resources to something else than this.


Not sure how one wheel tilts…


Exactly, it’s a feature that’s not even that noticeable with single wheeled planes. My point still stands, the 737s don’t need a rework right now


But in a future date, he could. So that’s the pruporse

True, but the topic is written with the intention of a current rework. It doesn’t give any concrete ways that hint towards this being for the future.



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Well, so let’s keep it out and go for it

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Come in guy. Let’s start voting for it so in a few years or in 5 updates we get this :)

We need this

They might be from a 737 but they don’t sound like them at all.


Personally I want to hear the APU on the 737


I’m just really hoping that it’s as good as the 757 and that they add more Southwest State paint jobs like Texas and New Mexico and Colorado etc


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we want 737 and 320 reworks (and 737MAX & 320neo familly on the same update.) (and 737-300)

After A220 update !


I freed up a vote so I could vote on this! Truly amazing


Agreed fix the current a320 and 737 but add the neo and the max great idea If those planes are still very modern it will not really be replaced in the immediate future by the max and Neo

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That one is kinda random