Boeing 737 rework?

So, if you go to the Infinite Flight website you can see the United Airlines livery on the 737

Does it means a rework?
I think so, or what does it means?

I think there will be a rework in this new update, or another one coming soon.

That is only speculation. A 737 rework has not been confirmed yet.


Speculation alert.

We can only wait and see. Hopes are neither up or down. Best bet is to keep them that way. 🙃


Does not necessarily mean a rework 😉

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I think it‘ll get a cockpit rework

We won’t know. You may expect a new bunch of 737 liveries coming to Version 20.1. As Nate explained, this is just a speculation so don’t be let down if the new update comes! :)

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Nothing is published but it is on the homepage. Still, this doesn’t mean anything and could come later. I would say wait and see

There is already another thread, we don’t need to use this

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The outside model on this picture is exactly the same as it is now. Maybe the cockpit gets a rework but there’s no way to tell. Patience is key


That’s what I meant 🙂

And these are speculations that we don’t want to see. I would say wait and see :)

Well that’s a current United livery flying right now, so the post you linked doesn’t really apply here. They add one off liveries (especially highly requested ones) all the time, so this is really in no way indicative of more…

Think he gets it

Edit: don’t get me wrong, I agree, but maybe 1’s enough? lol


Haha lol maybeee


Speculation. Just wait and see…