Boeing 737 Rework


It’s simply because they don’t have enough information to add it yet


No need to make a topic about it, as it’s easy to answer. As @Daniel14 has said, they (LLC/FDS) do not have enough programming data for the MAX family. The A350 is a perfect example. :)


Just change your current time to daylight after you land and you can see :)

But yeah, I’m hoping for a new cockpit to finish out the 737 softwork and exterior cabin lights to catch up to the A320 family, rework the older aircraft and inprove lighting either airport and/or aircraft taxiway lighting


Or sunset/sunrise


The re-work is great I hope it will get better


The 737 just got reworks in the big previous update so the concerns your bringing up have most likely have been fixed not just noteiced. Also in the meantime contact a developer other than make this a public feed.


Tui Airlines (UK) use it alot, and I’m a bit of a fan of Tui, but not of their yellow and red livery that is still on this aircraft.


I’m gonna do some follow up research on this.


Lol. But I so agree


I just flew from KIAH-KMSY on the UALB739. No, I didn’t butter in New Orleans, because of the 22knt cross/headwind. But I have to say, the new gear looks a lot better.


Yeah I can agree with that


I think door open and cabin view too.


Yeah. That would be amazing for this!


Agreed. 737 is a classic! 👍🏻


Am I missing something? Do you not count the soft rework as a rework?


They would like a full rework with a new cockpit, variants, views, interiors, etc.


Ummm… I feel like the VAs would really hurt if the Dash 8s or CRJ-900s got scrapped.


The comment was 3 years ago lol.
I agree with you though.


I’d like to hear new engine sounds


Rework is better, 737s are still wrong about spoiler, cockpit and horizontal stabilizer. The horizontal stabilizer look like 737 Old Generation!