Boeing 737 Rework


But would you say that it was a surprise for us, the customers? :D

We were expecting all camera angles to remain unchanged, but they did. Which is really nice! :D


The surprise feature was the working instruments.


No the surprise feature was no cabin lights


Your joking right? Can a dev confirm the surprise feature was live instruments?


They said it would be a milestone, working instruments are!


Eh aerofly 2 has it and xplane 10 mobile has working and actual functionality not just oh look they move and they are both pretty old games it’s not a milestone it’s catching up to games that came out years ago lol


For us, it was a milestone. Probably in the same way adding the ability to fly Globally will be for them, if they ever do :)


Well said Seb


Guys stop being so harsh the 737 looks amazing and the A10s perfect so I don’t know why everyone’s attacking the dev’s because they’ve done an amazing job.


No one is being harsh. People are just expressing their opinions. That doesn’t mean they they aren’t happy. Just look at the 18.6 release thread, it’s filled with joy! :)


Lol this form wasn’t about the update it’s about the problems that haven’t been fixed yet and the actually rework that I’m holding out for


I would not argue about aircraft updates. For me the most important thing right now are the night taxi lights and it is the most serious problem that I find the sim. For me they have not put lights to the cockpit of the 737 is not as important as a night lighting of the tracks. Today it is practically impossible to land at night and that affects all airplanes (the most updated or the least). IF sould fix that urgently