Boeing 737 Rework


Gotta say my landings used to be smooth and now it bounces a lot (mostly suspension)


Well it takes off much better, especially the 900 fully loaded. Now it doesn’t need Max power (which BTW they changed the power settings and n1%) and 15 degree flaps to get it in the air without dragging your tail down the runway.

Though I haven’t configured it yet for 175 pax, 50 lbs per pax cargo+500 for a flight from ATL to SEA. with all the fuel that is a heavy aircraft. I’ve flown a couple like that this past week pre update.

The few times I I do long flights like that is so I’ll put the tablet down for a while to do something constructive around the house lol. If not I’ll fly a bunch of short trips and get nothing done lol


I got out of school checked and screamed in my head, IRL though it would have been super loud! Thanks to FDS for making this happen, I wonder what’s next?


As far as that feeling you get when you see it, there’s not much I can do to change that as of now. However, you should know that it’s definitely not abnormal to feel a bit uncomfortable with something different. Perhaps give it some time? Just keep appreciating the things you already do on the sim and perhaps you’ll naturally adapt to the new style. I love it, but that’s just me.


Mostly Everybody says they screamed in there head but I just smiled


I did this made this odd “agghhhhh” sound. But I gurantee it was out of subtle joy and stimulation.


This thread will remain open right?


Yes. Most likely for a while. But I’m happy with where the 737 is at now. But yes, the thread won’t close until it goes through a COMPLETE rework


Ok so for the rework I’d like to see these features
•cabin lights(something that should’ve been on the touch up)
•cabin like the crj
•cockpit like the a-10
•737 max series
•actual illuminating lights
•logo lights


Hope you’re more comfortabe with it now! 😉


I wish that this would’ve been on the touch up


Loving the new update! Especially being from South Africa 🇿🇦, the livery choices where quite limited to aircraft types. Mainly SAA. Now with Kalula, Mango and Comair as well as SAA’s own 737 I’m very spoil for choice.

The handling has changed a bit but I’ve quickly adapted to the differences. She’s a little more sensitive on approach but nothing I can’t handle. I have noticed 2 bugs but I’m testing the aircraft so I really can’t complain about anything serious.

This is definitely a step in the right direction. The aircraft feels better and more lively. Now to get this bird on the ground 😂. Hopefully no hard landings for me

Happy flying!


Although this wont be closed until we get a full rework i think we have got what most of us wanted as the aircraft is now up to IF 2018 standards.


Don’t forget the original request


We have got exterior updated graphics but the cockpit could still use some work


We need the night lightijg still tho


Yep but i dont think a 737 rework will come to soon after a tremendous success with there light “rework” Expect a rework on long awaited aircraft like the A330


I mean it never really got updated graphics as seen in the update list


Wheels, Liverys and stuff improve the look/graphics of the aircraft


Well you can always vote for it here! 😉