Boeing 737 Rework


honestly, there are aircraft in the game that need to be reworked more than the 737. I feel the 737 is fine for now, aircraft like the a330 and a340 should be worked on and THEN maybe in the future the 737 should be reworked


Oh man. I thought they were giving is a new Japanese livery:(
I love this update tho!!


I was sorta hoping they would update the Alaska Airlines Livery on the 737-800…


I love all of the new American Airlines liveries and all of the Southwest liveries! So much variety! :)


I had felt the same way, however I’m content with it being on the 900… I’d just keep requesting in features until it happens. But seeing the new Alaska liveries, even if they were just on the 900’s, made me happy as it is. :)


I know right? They even said it / not said but it looked like a hint


Yah, I thought that meant yes lol


Sometimes, some don’t just make the cut


Well now that we know what came from the last update hopefully they’ll finsh the 737 upgrades with a new cockpit and exterior cabin lights that will at least look as good as the A320 family rendering in the next update


I could very well be wrong, however I’m almost positive that the cabin and cockpit lighting would come via a complete rework. So odds are that it’ll be a little bit until those are put into it. I’m not sure however, just what my gut tells me.


How could they forget to don’t add any Asian airliners for the new 737 fam like China southern Hainan airlines JEJU and NOK!?


They did put Hainan on the Callsigns


I just check all the 73’s liveries but why didn’t they put split scimitars on the United 738?
Almost all have them…
Copa as well lol


I think they did that because some people expressed they didn’t like them, so everyone could be happy if some of the aircrafts didn’t have them. The copa livery most likely doesn’t wear split scimitars irl


I really hate to be that one person, but personally, I don’t like the new 737’s. I know, the developers worked extremely hard and they do deserve tons of praises, but something just feels off with the 737. As many of you do know, I fly a lot for Southwest Virtual, averaging up to 3 flights a day. And all of those flights are in the 737. With all these flights, I became really accustom with the 737 and actually become a expert with it. Every landing was extremely soft, every takeoff was at the right time, and I knew how to handle the aircraft. Ever since this update has come out, the 737 handles completely differently. It has become extremely challenging to even taxi without an issue. My landing are now horrific, and the aircraft feels really heavy. This has caused me to loose my enjoyment with the 737 and has resulted for me to get a sickening feeling whenever I see it on Infinite Flight. I have also lost interest in Southwest Virtual because of this issue. Is there any pointers that I can receive or even help do I can enjoy the 737 again? Or will it just take time to get used too again?


Yeah it’s gonna take some time to get used to it again. I love the B737 and even this pleasant plane is hard for me to fly. and this is the airplane I fly the most in IF XD

Honestly, I feel like it’s because the physics of this airplane are updated, so they have more realistic physics.


Don’t worry, it’s the same way you did it with learning the original 737. It didn’t take you only 5 Hours to learn to fly it. Maybe 15 flights it took you, you can learn the same way you did with the original one!


To overcome this, I suggest to continue flying it irregardless if you crash, takeoff, land, taxi or whatever horribly. I can relate on a similar level. For the longest time, I didn’t like the Cessna 208. But after I found that it was extremely effective in the pattern, I flew it and flew it and flew it some more. To the point where it became second nature and was a breeze to fly. The same logic can be applied in your situation. The challenge now is to relearn everything from scratch as the physics are nowhere near what they were before. It just takes time… don’t write it off so soon. It’s only been out for a few hours. 🙂


Just putting it out there that the C208 is now one of Deers favorite aircraft to fly. I’m flying the B737 just fine so I’d suggest trying to just do patterns with it with little weight and whatnot. I’m sure it’ll get better with time 😊


I agree on the landing part as I became an expert without ground effect. However that was after hours and hours of practice and applying different scenarios. The same with the A320s, I had to get used to the ground effect and way it took off but after dozens of hours flying it became one of my favorites. This new updated 737 won’t have me jumping for joy immediately as it just came out. It will take several hours taking off and landing to get used to it. At first I hated the CRJ7 but now it is my favorite aircraft to fly. Just take your time with it and practice to get the feel of it.