Boeing 737 Rework


This soft rework is awesome. I flirted with the idea of a full rework but agree that a soft rework works. The simple adding onto things like wing flex was awesome in the Airbuses and now I fly that aircraft very often so the same on the 737 will make me love the aircraft even more. I am looking forward to the new liveries so I can add destinations to fly to.


After using the 737 so long for me, I know how to land it without ground effect, so I don’t mind this only being a “soft” rework. I’m just really excited for the split-scimitars and the correct strobe. And of course the new liveries


Same, I will have to get used to ground effect on it. I actually love landing it without the ground effect. It makes it exciting lol.


I really don’t mind the cockpit. I’m glad we will finally receive ground effect, so I don’t drop like a rock. I’m also glad that we will get wingflex, splits, and APPR. After this update, I will fly the 737 as much as, if not more, than the Airbus A320.


The new 737 Appr feature will help me in my quest to be lazy


I only use APPR in low-vis conditions, or if I’m playing in an environment with external conditions that could cause me to lose control.


I wonder what this is too, maybe a new Southwest livery judging by the fact it did Dallas-Orlando-Milwaukee. Imo that’s a safe bet but could be wrong.


Its Sinterklaas here! Hope it wil be a present today :)
I love the 737 series!


Nevermind it probably is SWA 737 lol that is the only airline on the MCO-MKE Route XD


I like the APPR system of the winds or visibility are extremely bad. I have trained myself to do a very soft and beautiful landing on the 737 as I have done over 50 flights for Southwest Virtual.


I would also appreciate hand landing or more of it didn’t plop down at 20agl


The key to a soft landing in the current 737 is to flare at around 25-30 feet.


In the topic I saw that picture in it said it was a blank 737-800, maybe it’s the Heart with splits


Lets hope for it :D


It’s out, guys!


Here’s to not getting any work done for the rest of the day! 🍺


And Flying 101 is there 😁


Time to start nonstop flying!


Already started 😉


Oh yes boys