Boeing 737 Rework


Just saying that the 737 was already reworked in the past. If you guys want a full rework, they’ll have to rework aircrafts that haven’t been reworked yet. Also, the 737 is getting new features in the next update. And now you say that its cockpit looks aweful, I remember the first version of the 737 didn’t even a have a virtual cockpit. When the first rework came out (february 26 2014), there was a VC and people where hyped. People who have played the game for a while now will get what i’m saying now. Don’t say the VC is aweful cause it’s better than not having one. Be grateful for what we have. I say there are much more important improvements to Infinite flight than a full 737 rework!


Does anyone know when the 737 rework is out?


There is no confirmed date currently. We just have to wait :)


Somewhere on Instagram.


Could the Japanese livery be Air Do?


It’s probably a bigger airline,such as ANA I hope!


I don’t think there will be ‘improved strobes’, just the new 787 style ones added to the 737.


YES PLEASE!! I don’t expect the plane to be there but it would surely be amazing. The thing I enjoy about their 737s is that some didn’t have winglets and I randomly like them like that for some reason. If we were to get one though 😍z


I predict that the update will be released around Wednesday (KLM day, maybe a new livery 737?) Friday, or after, because of the WestJet IFATC day that would be perfect for a 738…



I sure hope soooooooo


Hmmm. I see people in 737-800 from BAVA and an A-10


We need the new KLM livery so bad!!


Sorry for the very bad editing…


Believe I found DeerCrusher, he’s in a 737-900 from ATL-JFK…I can’t confirm if he’s in a generic livery or an existing livery. I just thought I’d share but please keep the speculation low


Just checked it on live flight. It’s a Delta 737-900


Yep, beat me to it lol


Maybe I’m alone on this one but I really like the current 737. I had no idea it had such low-usage in the game. It’s my favorite and I love it the way it is now (although I can’t wait for the rework).


The 737 is probably my personal favorite as the 700 and 800 variants


I prefer the 738 as the 739 is too long for me and the 737 is too short for me…


The 700 is an awesome workhorse for hot/high airfields with short runways