Boeing 737 Rework


Oh I see. That’s a little confusing lol.


Wait wait wait. There’s a live A-10 cockpit?!


Theres a whole topic about it :)


What! Send me a link!


Oh yeah, where were the working weapons/armament confirmed?


I didn’t say they were working, just adding arnaments to the A-10 wing


Oh. Still cool though. Now back on 737 topic.


Well I was hoping for more US based livery’s on 737-700 rebake. Currently we only have One: Southwest (with 3 livery’s) which by the way is a “500”. AirTrans is no longer, is now “@” Southwest.

Delta, United and Alaska also fly the 700

And United has split simitar winglets on their 700s


I was so hoping to see this! It looks amazing in the UA livery with splits


Thank you for the answer folks now I can sleep in peace hehe! :)


Excuse me what about Westjet 🥺


Pilots in the cockpit? 👨‍✈️



That’s what I meant by my question a while ago that was asking about any changes in cockpit which got backlash…


Doesn’t United also have it in the -900 series??


Yes. It also avaible now ;) They may add Split Sc. to that Livery ;)


Woohoo! I hope so! The 739 is pretty much my main bird:)


I have to be honest and say that im not the biggest fan of american liveries, but i will admit that if we get the Continental Airlines livery on the 737, that would be pretty awesome :) Such an iconic airline


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The 737 is Older than the Dash 8 and the CRJ series. Only the CRJ 200 needs a rework and still the 737 should get priority to the other aircraft because of its sienority.
The CRJ just showed up. not time to upgrade it yet. The 737 Cockpit looks AWEFUL.


Man that comment is 2 years old 😂 The CRJ was already reworked.