Boeing 737 Rework


Rather off topic here but didn’t anyone see the 😏 emoji when someone asked for the decathlon rework? Not wanting to cause speculation but a reworked decathlon would be nice. Anyways I’m super excited for the update and I’m surely going to overuse the 737 once it’s released 😂


This update will make the 737 more used by the community !


That doesn’t mean that you should comment for it on a thread with the title: BOEING 737 REWORK.
Thanks for understanding


Hopefully after the soft rework we will see less Ryanair landings


Well, this isn’t a general update tracking thread, so probably not the place, and if the 737 is a soft rework probably not getting something like that…


Is the working HUD the game changer?


Y’all gotta stop scaring people from posting because it’s “not on topic”. Like this thread has more or less just become talking about 18.6. You guys lose your heads when people do something wrong and I think we need to relax just a tad. We are making people afraid to post things. Just be more polite about it.

That’s just my opinion though.


Quick question: I don’t want to add speculation but do we know if the 737 is included in the A-10 rework or not. Thanks,


Yes it is confirmed


Yes it dose! {delta beat me to it


I’ll slam it into the ground just so I can see the suspension work


Rip suspension, also you can test the ground affects as most of us know at the moment when you reach around 20 agl the aircraft plops down onto the runway


The main problem is that the 737 doesn’t have ground affect, making it smash into the ground on landing, and a lot of people want to fly this plane, so it’s good to have it reworked.


Not on the 737… oh well 😕


Updated :)

A-10 Rework Video!

I believe new sound for the 737 was being talked about can someone confirm this?


Didn’t hear anything about that. Folks around here have been pretty vigilant about the teasers. I don’t think any of us have glossed over that, if it was stated.


Nope, no sounds though as far as I know. The 737 will have more realistic strobes though.


When was the reworked Southwest 737 confirmed?


It wasn’t, these are just ideas that are possible