Boeing 737 Rework


Negative. That’s not the case for those.


I just hope the devs add SunCountrys 737-800 split scimitar livery because I would go nuts!


AC does have 737s the 737 MAX


737NG (737-700, -800, -900).

I know they have the MAX 8. The MAX family is completely different from the NG family.


whooooooops mah bad ooooooooooooooh Next Generation i seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


And I believe they confirmed no MAX correct?


There’s no MAX version coming for the millionth time. 😂


I just wanted to make sure, I try not to follow these things too close so some stuff is a shocker… 😂


But an opening canopy on the a-10 and 737BBJ Liveries ;)


Just a reminder that this is a topic for the B737 rework not the A10 or features coming in the next update. This topic may be kept open for those who want the full rework after the update so it makes sense not to clutter this topic now with posts relating to the next update as it serves no purpose after.


No one is commenting for the A-10 in that Topic 🙃


Now that you said this, I wonder what liveries, regardless of aircraft, never made the final cut? It would be cool to know those.


We get to know those when there is a post in #announcements :) until then, we really don’t know.


Very true. 👍🏻


Hey guys, I don’t know if it’s okay for me to post here, but i’ve been keeping up with the Boeing 737 Soft Rework update on my Community.

If anyone is interested to join, you’re more than welcome to. Please remember that it is my community, and as such, I expect the same behaviour that we have from here in the IFC as well :)

I thought I’d make a dedicated Tracking Thread for this on my community :)

I’d also like to thank the Development Team for making this update possible. Hard work definitely pays off in the end


I think we can add that the bbj will have its range matching with real world


APPR coming on all the 737s! Who else can’t wait?


No need to delete I think


Yea, this is great news


Oh this is great news everyone !!!
I was hopping for this, but didn’t have my hopes up.
It was certainly frustrating knowing that even since the introduction of the B-737 Classic series (-300 / -400 / -500) Boeing had APPR mode ( or APPR / AutoLand feature ) in these airplanes (at least the EFIS equipped ones), but the B-737NGs IF in didn’t have it, and its direct competitor, the A320s series, had this feature in IF.

Anyhow, one more reason to be exited about this update. I know they are working hard not to let us down, lets have patience everybody !