Boeing 737 Rework


Nothing really knew to the table, but still pretty exciting! Fiji has one of the most beautiful and exotic liveries, I have ever seen. Can’t wait for it to hopefully debut on the improved 737.

If you may ask, I say hopefully as this can be subject to change and the livery might not make it through the update due to coding error or some other technical issue.


this one you said


@captainG could be the 737 with spirit of Canada livery


Just saw an Fiji airways 737-800 touch down In Wellington from inside an 320 I gotta say we are in for a treat.


nope. same old livery


I talked with him. He confirmed its a 737, but i didn’t ask about the livery cuz ik he won’t say. He said it’s a new one tho


i can tell because im down by pearson right now and i see one with new livery. it has Spirit of canada on both sides


My phrasing was more along the lines of, “its a livery that is not yet available to you folks just yet. Which is why LiveFlight shows… well interesting ancient aircraft.” I can’t really hide the 737 because well, its what shows up in app. You just get to enjoy the beauty of my Generic paint. 🙂


ooo deercrusher is typing lets see what he says


hmmmmm maybe alaska?


Typing, typing, typing…


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You guys are free to guess as much as you’d like. But neither myself nor the beta testers will disclose what livery we fly. Simply because things in development can change. Some liveries don’t make the final cut in some situations. The only liveries that you will have confirmation will come from those official Infinite Flight media sources such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


oosh ok :P


Can confirm. Just checked our PM thread and it is along those lines. I was a little off in my statement. It’s a livery not available yet to us, but that doesn’t mean it’s a new one


Because you posted separate messages referencing that he was typing.

This is not a chat room. There is no need to mention that someone is typing or post messages that are off topic.

Let’s get back on topic and limit the off-topic chatter please to keep the thread clutter free.


Oooohhhh, maybe Arnaments for the A-10 and some new BBJ Liveries :)


So the liveries teased in the comments of Instagram have a chance of Not making it in this update?


Speculation Time!!

Today, I saw the third mod in the last two days on LiveFlight heading to CYVR in planes that LiveFlight doesn’t recognize. Could they be testing a WestJet 737??


Air Canada doesn’t have 737NGs so it could possibly be the latter.

Let’s not speculate though. 🙂