Boeing 737 Rework


It all started with

“I think the 737 could use some new updated graphics”


Every time I see a new post, I always click on this topic XD


oh my god same lol


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And nobody jumped down his throat with the “add more substance to the post” stuff.


You just can’t resist
You need to see what someone said


I think we are done here
Thanks for letting us know though!
Appreciate it


me too bro I cant wait


Ok, let me say that I have been one of the most critical narcissist of this venture of the 737 rebake. I’m glad for what the IF gods have presumed to give us for what they can and with what they got to work with. Take what you can get I say… be happy it what you get. It is what it is. I assume there will be instant replay on live, A-10 rework in addition to the 737 rebake but that’s me guessing. I’m not TL3 for a reason, don’t friggin care. I’ve got no idea behind what goes on at FDS/ Infinite Flight. What I see is a desire to move forward on a limited mobile only platform in a strategy to make it more profitable on a limited platform against the likes of FSX and flight simulator for the money you pay for and what amount of time players will invest their time in learning more about flight simulation in general. The"expert" server as a prime example, too many players, myself included have no idea what it’s like to fly in the real world…, and don’t care… Well I do, if I could, had the money I’d amp my “game” if it made a difference in this game.

I guess that’s my point, for those of us who either can’t afford higher end PC simulators or the time to learn how to fly in those simulations as a real pilot would,. IF will do for the time being.

I’m 50 now, by the time I’m too old for my kids that have had enough of me and put me in an old folks home, I just hope there is some really cool VR apps to take my mind off the fact that I’m living the last of my days.

But seriously, the A-10?


I hope the rework the A330 or what the community really wants next time but I’m fine with any thing they give us;)
Plus I don’t wanna get flagged lol


That’s so true, I still have a long time before my time, love it out, do what you want to do


Where is your profile picture of that 737 from, if I may ask?


I think it’s photoshopped


I definitely figured, though I believe I was just confirming with myself that it wasn’t an IF image. I mean, it’s a well done photo shop for that matter.


Hey guys, I know his profile pic is cool, but remember this is a 737 Rework Thread

Please take this conversation to PM, as people tracking this thread will think something may have been confirmed

Thanks for your understanding!


It’s is photoshopped


The 737-800 Westjet operates this route! Also the 737-800Max AC but it’s 99% not the max


It’s 100% not the MAX.


We’ll just have to wait and see. Unfortunately, I’m sure @DeerCrusher can’t/won’t confirm what he is flying.


IF just tweeted this…

Dont want to throw out speculation but