Boeing 737 Rework


I have full faith that Ryan and/or Jarno will change the IF registrations to match their real life counterparts. :)


I hope so, but I’m not sure how hard that would be for them to do.


That’ll take to much time since it’s part of the actual livery


I for one am glad that there are some African liveries coming with the update even though it had taken quite harsh conversations with those concerned. Obviously, the A-10 being prioritised over the 737 has irked some of us but all in all I applaud the efforts of the IF team.


Totally untrue. They were in the pipeline [and some were added] way before this 🙂


If anything, harshness and negativity has the opposite effect. You’re seeing these changes in spite of those conversations.


This is great to see!


I saw her over Alaska yesterday thinking it was a A330 XD


Pre-update, there are 24 African liveries in the sim. That’s more than many areas, including South America, which currently has 17. We all have requests we’d like to see added, but being negative isn’t going to win you much support. Take a wider look, and you’ll see that Infinite Flight is truly global in perspective.


At least somebody said it! Thanks for the input. A lot of people take things the wrong way and spread false rumors. That’s why a lot of people are asking for confirmation or places where people are getting their sources. Most of it is reliable though.


Well then I give thanks to whatever force that flushed the pipeline.


Nothing needed to be flushed, as has been stated many times 🙂


Vote for it here!


If you want that livery, please vote here :) this topic is not for requesting liveries


You beat me to it LOL


Welp uhh…


I was not requesting, all I said was that It would look great with split scimitars


Who else keeps coming back to this topic everytime someone else replies to see if there’s any teasers?

Or is it just me


I have it on watching 😂


😂 I do to!

Because I’m always watching it •_•