Boeing 737 Rework


oh ok make sure you keep checking though


What if the ‘Just wait and see’ reply isn’t a subtle confirmation, but an actual reply asking us to wait to see, with a possibility of that livery not being there? A lot of liveries would be be back to unconfirmed, and there would be a waitandseegate.

Hypothetically, of course.


Virgin Australia 737-800 bro 😅, don’t forget her😅


Virgin Australia 737s don’t have splits, only the blended winglet. That’s a list of the split scimitar liveries.


Yep, know that VA 737’s don’t have splits, didn’t see the ‘splits’ at the end. My bad…


Oh no that’s kinda lame something I also don’t understand why not they are doing the 737 completely that’s what their customers demand but they have chosen to do it theirs way.


They already did. They added Comair, which is a south african airline in British Airways colors.


Good news about strobe lights as well.


YES! The little things go a long way👏🏽👏🏽


Oh look I’m in the comment as well 😅


And they have also said it will be more African livery’s too


So n611sw wears nothing, it’s not even a 737-700!


No, N611SW is a retired 737-300. So that aircraft will more than likely stay as it is and just have the added wing flex and what not


the tuifly -800 won‘t have split scimitars. I just checked;)


You have no idea 🙂


Nope we dont yet.


Yeah but I checked the reg. and that aircraft in real life doesn‘t have split s. but I would be excited to have the new tuifly livery ;)


They could be adding splits no matter what reg


They alread confirmed if the aircraft does not have them in real life they won’t have it the sim.
But that does not mean just because the current registration livery does not have them, won’t get them. They could simply change the registration.
(I hope you understand what I mean😃)


I think that they should change that since some of them don’t even have an accurate registration, for example, the southwest livery on the 700 has the tail number of the 737-300