Boeing 737 Rework


Can I ask where you’re getting that info? Just to make sure people are getting reliable info.


My question is would we be able to still fly it without scimitars?


Of course. It’s just an added aesthetic for realism.


@maeyo here ya go. All you have to do is match the IF registrations to the IRL ones.


Do you think we could copy a IRL registration to IF, to get the livery and aircraft we want?


Thanks bro, not sure if they’re gonna keep the same registrations or not but if they are, that’s all I needed to hear, we just have to wait and see when it is released 👌


No, I would highly doubt the developers have the time to put every 737 on the planet into a database.


Ok, I was just wondering, cause that would be quite cool


It would take up too much data and take absolutely forever to repaint, and make it compatable with the 737 model in IF. Some people made a feature request for an OpenSource version for making liveries, but yeah…didn’t go too well.


if that happened they would have to add an airline search feature for the 737


I’m planning on making a doc detailing registrations in if that have split scimitars in real life


Wow, nice !
Did you photoshop the A320 or a real B737 fan ?


Real 737 fan blade


Hopefully this comes out before my birthday! This would be a nice early birthday present


almost all of the southwest aircraft are getting shimatar winglets execpt the max 8 the max8 has max winglets


The SWA 737-700 in IF belongs to a 737-300 that never wore the new livery…What do we do for that?


Judging by the progress that they have done maybe before christmas (MAYBE).


i think that is ridicoulous i rather have a 737-700 than a 737-300


The 737 Fiji maybe to Come?


We don’t know that for certain. Make sure everything here has cited proof, not just speculation.