Boeing 737 Rework

That would be amazing if they are just gonna send it out with it ! Otherwise it will probably be another month or even more !!!

It definitely won’t be coming with the TBM

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Well we don’t know. It’s been confirmed for a while and it could always come out of the blue. Weather a small or full rework.


YEa dont say that unless you are 100% and not even the devs no that for sure

Yes, I would really love a rework on the 737, especially with my favorite retro airline (rebranded by Caribbean Airlines)

@JT_Playz @Kevinsoto1502 although that’s extremely optimistic, we’ve only known about the rework for a few weeks, but I guess we’ll know sometime in the future


What airline B737 in infinite flight

I know it’s minor but the Norwegian 737 needs an fix the currently registration is wrong the correct registration is LN-DYA not LN-NOC and the web address is outdated it’s now and a logo on the inner engine panel would be awesome and the WiFi dorome


I understand your point and I can see why you want it changed, but registrations change a LOT. It can be almost impossible to keep up with registrations. I do agree that it could be fixed with this livery however since they are already doing a ”rework.”
Just my two cents.


I think the rework is a great idea as I agree with you in lots of ways, the interior definitely need a work and the handling too

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Didn’t they say it was coming soon?

They teased us with an Instagram-comment telling it was practically coming

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Yeah so maybe it will come! 😃

Yes, lets hope so! :)

They said it was coming they confirmed the rework on various comments and replies to people 😁

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Even though this ISNT coming in this update, FDS said itll come in a few weeks or months


Hopefully I get a cabin view and some freighter variants too! 😁
But of course when I say “I” I mean “We”. 😅


I doubt it’s a comprehensive rework (that would probably take months). It will probably be more along the lines of the recent A320 series mini-rework. (So probably no MAX series, updated cockpit, or cabin view :/ )

It would make sense to just say “minor rework” then as they know that most of the people would take it as a whole rework if they said “rework”. Remember though, a WIP (work in progress) is subject to change and that could have been what was changed if any. :)

Yay! Soon!