Boeing 737 Rework

@Babacar Imagine the glory of flying the 737 and the 777 rework in one update that wouldve been insane😍

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I agree. For more information about the Sun Country livery for the 737-800, please proceed to the following topic:

I have voted and commented on that thread before already

Yeah! And I won’t even be able to choose wich one to fly first! And imagine if they add realistic sounds into the 737 (if the speculation is true) 🤩

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Bahab that would be cool if and when they ad the 737😍

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It’s kinda weird how this was posted before their first rework, and everyone, including me at first, thought it was posted after it happened lmao

I wouldn’t be surprised if they pull an “A320” with the 737 this update,

I think it’s worth mentioning going forward that just because testers are flying a different aircraft than the one already confirmed to be in testing doesn’t mean the aircraft they are flying is getting any special treatment. Regardless tester or not you can fly what you want even if nothing is undergoing change to that aircraft. Your entitled to have your own opinion whether something is going on but I think this is worth mentioning to clear the air. I hope to possibly see this in the future though!


The thing is that it really needs more than a minor rework…
Obviously the cockpit need to be reworked but also:

  • Wings
  • Engines
  • Horizontal stabiliser
  • Main landing gear (suspension doesn’t extend far enough and doesn’t squat upon landing)
  • Retractable landing lights are missing
  • Gear bays don’t have anything in them (they are full of electronics irl)
  • Windows aren’t see-through
  • Some more things like new sounds could be included

There’s also another side to the story: the MAX is pretty popular and adding it might require the rework of big parts of the model anyways. Starting from scratch might be the best way to make the 737 be at a good level for the next 5+ years or so. A soft rework just can’t do that.

Not to forget that it’s six years old already. And yes, it did get a soft rework in 2018 but that didn’t really fix any of the bigger model issues. The 737 is the most popular airliner on live, it’s worth investing the time in doing a proper rework in my opinion (after some of the extremely bad aircraft like the E-jets and the 757).

(This scheme doesn’t include the soft rework added in december 2018)


Also with the new liveries I hope this one I added, it would mean a lot to me

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I feel I’m the only one who thinks the engine looks really bloated.


I couldn’t agree more

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The wings, flaps and Spoilers should be worked on too because they are diffrent in real life

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Totally agree, the engines are a little “amorphous”

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to be honest about the latest rumors about the 737 “possible” rework, I think it was flown by @Tyler_Shelton and the others for a new trailer or tutorial. I still hope i’m wrong tho.

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If or when a first look video comes out, if a 737 just are landing like the a350 did I will be speak less.


really, this 737 cockpit is not good haha

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Just to be clear, the 737 did receive a soft rework at the end of 2018. From the announcement on 18.6, this was added:

  • Autoland (APPR)
  • 30+ New Liveries
  • New Wheels
  • Wing flex
  • Split Scimitar Winglets
  • Ground Effect
  • Pilots
  • New Strobe Light Timings
  • APU Strobe

At this point, the only thing really missing from the 737 is an updated HD live cockpit. Whether that is something in development remains to be seen.

Article here:


I THINK it might be coming. In Infinites Flights post it said “772 Testing is fun” with a 772 and a 737 in the backround!


Well, some official IF videos may feature 20.1 features such as airport diagrams in The perfect ATC test. That’s why I speculated that it may be used for a tutorial or trailer.