Boeing 737 Rework

Boeing has a new “slow strobe” that you’ll see on most of its newer planes.


It’s a few more stuff that should be done like the wings, flaps and spoliers that should be done.

My only thing is that there are so many planes that should be reworked first. When you think about it the 737 is one of the more up to date aircraft besides the cockpit.

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And there are also so many liveries missing. Aeromexico needs to be featured in this update!

This is true though…

And totally new colors, the current one is ugly

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For those of you who don’t think the 737 needs a rework, take a quick look at this hunk of metal:


Here’s my opinion on the 737 it’s a great aircraft to fly. But the cockpit is in need of a rework 3D textures and live instruments. That’s the big one and then there’s some other small things. But there are a few aircraft that have more votes than the 737. Make sure to vote for the 737 if you want it to be reworked.

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cockpit unfortunately outdated but i still fly that lovely creature. Yesterday i did Bodrum - Antalya in a Turkish and now on the way from St. Petersburg to Schiphol in a KLM. Love to see it updated and i would fly it even more.

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I agree with this! The 737 should be reworked cause it’s not really that great 😕

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If it’s ever reworked, I hope they add an ATA livery to the 737-800. I loved flying this airline before it fell victim to the crash of ‘08.



I also hope as a surprise, they add a 737-Classic to the mix of the rework. Like a 737-200 or -300.

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I think the 737 is great. All it needs in my opinion is a new cockpit and the Alaska livery on the -700

Vote here lol

Yes the 737s need a little more rework I remember when they last reworked the 737s they finally added scimtars on the the sharklets and APPR and a few liveries but the landing lights definitely should be added and I know United has all there 737s with scimtars so idk why the 737-800 doesn’t in IF


When they did the slight rework of the 737, the real world counterpart to the infinite flight United B738 had not been updated with scimitars at that time. Thats why the B738 in Infinite Flight does not have the correct winglet.

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Not all 737s even nowadays have splits.

Oh that makes sense and also I hope they add the new United livery to 737s also it would be really nice to see


Remember, it’s not sharklest, but winglets

Oh my bad I forgot Airbus uses sharklets and Boeing uses winglets


Mostly on the cockpit, the outside(fuselage) its cool enough.