Boeing 737 Rework

I think a really cool feature that should be added when the rework comes around is the landing lights on the belly section of the plane. Seen here.


Along with working cargo doors. All in all a rework would look really nice and touch up the aircraft quite well.


Hey that’s cool.

So that’s why I’ve seen 737s with five landing lights


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there’s a deviation between the flaps and the aileron

I put in a red line so you can see how it should be


The perspectives of the photos are different, which is why the wing looks messed up.


Nop look closer

The angle change like in the 777 wing


And another thing that have to be fixed is the horizontal stabilizers

From IF: the red line show where the exact place where the leading edge of the stabilizer is supposed to be

And this is real life, see how the real one is a little more pointy

It’s difficult to notice for some people but for those who like details this is a thing that has to be fixed.


We haven’t even mentioned XP11 to begin with.

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He supposed to know that this is a small team
The Devs are working hard and this is having too much pressure on them!!!
And everyone uses the 737 all day and they don’t even bother with those small details.

All the soon-to-be reworked aircraft are gonna be started from scratch. They will try making it as realistic as possible. We’ve had so many notes during the 777 rework about design inaccuracies. Guess what they did: Fix it.


Yes obviously because it isn’t released yet.

Nor would the reworked 737 be.

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no one is putting pressure on the developers, these are just things that stand out for when the rework is done

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Obviously I know they’re a small team, that’s why they have a community for support them in things as important as the details, If you don’t mind the details, well, good for ya, but there is people who like details on a great simulator like it is IF

Well let’s not get stuck here, let’s continue :)


Tell me something will all the the devices handle the high graphics?


If your device handles Infinite Flight, it will handle the rework.

So an Samsung s7 can handle infinite flight all on high graphics? While on a a350/a320?

Did they mention high graphics? They clearly meant in whatever settings you use. You don’t expect a Nokia to run Infinite Flight with full settings including Anti-Aliasing.

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I knew something was wrong with the wing, it was just not looking right.

I never realized that, thanks for pointing that out! I’m in full support.


This is a great idea because the b737 in the game isn’t that detailed