Boeing 737 Rework

Is it me or is the 737 much more difficult to land than the A320 in IF?

The A320 seems a lot more stable on final approach especially in turbulence. Is this true in real life as well due to all the automation on A320 while hand flying (i.e. :auto trim etc). Thanks

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Many aspects of the Boeing 737 are find. But the thing that bothers me the most is the cockpit. It is so different from the real 737. The developers should really update the 737 cockpit.

Boeing 737 cockpit in IF:

Boeing 737 cockpit IRL:


True. The Boeing 777 cockpits needs some rework also:)


Finally someone that has the same thoughts as me 😱👌, look at he joysticks for example.

I would love to see the 737 reworked because the model is quite outdated, for example the cockpit resolution ain’t the best and most of the 737s don’t have ground effect. And maybe some other and newer variants get added, like the 737-10 Max.

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If the 737 Max 10 gets added it would most likely result in a rework for the whole 737 family so please leave there a vote, too.


As a nephew of a former a320 pilot and a current 737 captain…uncle tells me the 737 is easier to handle…that’s his opinion of the two aircraft


The comments on this thread about the 737 cockpit. The displays are an aircraft operator option. The one presented is the version that COA and WN used for quite some time as a way to keep the cockpit more similar to the 733s and 735s that were the common aircraft at the time.


It’s not that bad. Just needs to be updated to the standard of the post-a320 family aircraft

No no no and no.
A- It’s OK as it is
B- There are so many aircrafts that need a rework more than the 737
C- It got a rework like, what, 1.5 years ago?


This would be a great update… It would make the aircraft look more realistic!


That wouldn’t be fair. Also, you would have to re-update it much sooner

Need to see this with the new Qantas Livery!


I don’t quite see what you mean.

It’s definitely been over 2 years and it still isn’t to the standard that the a320 family is so why not? Shouldn’t all the aircraft be that high quality?

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It’s has been 2+ years? I don’t think so…
And sure, it’s isn’t to the standard of the A320, but it is acceptable. Many many many other aircrafts need a rework more than the 737.

I didn’t read all the comments but what’s the point of having the 737 reworked? the 737 is great, The cockpit is really nice, the model is great, I’m okay to say that I have to land with 70% of throttle and the plane bleed’s speed as nothing, but the 757 and the 767 need a rework really faster and before the 737s

I agree on scraping the CRJ and the dash 8 landing mechanics are ehh…scrap that too. 737 is an aircraft used way more frequently and the attention is well deserved. That being said, I must agree that the 757 needs more rework than any plane with the 767 behind it.


I’m confused so why does the dash 8 need to be reworked? It was just recently added


Yes you request for big planes like Boeing 777 all types Airbus a330,340 and 380 767,757,717,737,8,9 and more I need Airbus 330 it’s urgent because it’s mostly a common plane used in the world

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